About Us

I would like to share with the fishing fraternity, my brainchild the “Selfie Fish” device.

I first came across the issue of taking self take pictures whilst fishing alone, even with mates to be honest! We have all had the “head cut off / half a fish” picture from a friend or a passer by. Frustrating when it’s your PB!

So development began via a Sat Nav holder adapted and drilled to a bank stick.
In conjunction with a voice activated app I was getting great selfies.

This soon evolved to the Mk2 / and the Mk3 and now the Mk4 that we know and love today.

Selfie Fish goes to the dark side

Then we evolved again to achieve great results at night, by testing different selfie lights, plug in, clip on, and now the 49 Strong LED Buzz Bar flood system!

Always evolving, always improving, always aiming to bring you self take success, day or night.